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2008 (editor with Cynthia L. Hunter & Bebbi Long) When the field is a ward or a clinic: Hospital ethnography. Special issue Anthropology & Medicine 15 (2).
2004 (editor with Kaja Finkler) Hospital ethnography. Special half issue Social Science & Medicine 59 (10). [contents]
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) “Look under the sheets!” Fighting with the senses in relation to defecation and bodily care in hospitals and care institutions. Medical Humanities. doi:10.1136/medhum-2019-011766. [pdf]
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) Brokers on the ward: Ward boys, cleaners, and gatemen in a Bangladeshi hospital. Asian Journal of Social Science 48 (2020): 92–114. doi:10.1163/15685314-04801006. [pdf]
2017 Bookreview of: Biomedicine in an unstable place: Infrastructure and personhood in a Papua New Guinean hospital (Alice Street) Bulletin of the History of Medicine 91 (2): 462-463. [pdf]
2015 Wisdom and counselling: A note on advising people with HIV/AIDS in Ghana. African Journal of AIDS Research (AJAR), DOI: 10.2989/16085906.2015.1055580. [pdf]
2012 Comment on ‘Animating Biomedicine’s Moral Order: The Crisis of Practice in Malawian Medical Training’ by Claire Wendland. Current Anthropology 53 (6): 781-782. [pdf]
2009 Het onbenul van gezonde mensen. In: A. Oderwald, K. Neuvel & W. van Tilburg (red) Opname: Ziek tussen vier muren. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom. Pp. 117-132. [pdf]
2009 Bookreview of: … And a time to die. How American hospitals shape the end of life. (Sharon R. Kaufman) Medische Antropologie 21 (2): 317-319. [pdf]
2008 (with D. Long & C. Hunter) When the field is a hospital or a clinic: Hospital ethnography. Introduction. Anthropology & Medicine 15 (2): 71-78.  [pdf]
2005 ‘Sacraments’ in the hospital: Exploring the magic and religion of recovery. Anthropology & Medicine 12 (2): 135-50. [pdf]
2004 (with K. Finkler) Hospital ethnography: Introduction. Social Science & Medicine 59 (10): 1995-2001. [pdf]
2004 (with H. van Amstel) Doctors and retribution: The hospitalisation of compensation claims in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Social Science & Medicine 59 (10): 2087-94. [pdf]
2004 Magie tussen de monitoren. In: S. Knepper & J. Kortenray (red) De vreugdeloze wetenschap: Waarom nieuwe inzichten vaak weerstand wekken. Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, pp. 178-86. [text]
2002 Hospital care as liturgy: Reconsidering magic, science and religion. AM Revista della Società Itaiana di Antropologia Medicia 13-14: 243-58.
2001 In een Ghanees ziekenhuis. Kwalon 6 (1): 24-28. [pdf]
1999 Poep en welbevinden in verpleging en verzorging. Tijdschrift voor Verpleegkundigen 109 (18): 552-553.[text] [pdf]
1998 (with Samuel Sarkodie) The fake patient: A research experiment in Ghana. Social Science & Medicine 47 (9): 1373-81. [pdf]

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