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2004 (with N. Obirih-Opareh et al.) The effects of decentralisation and privatisation on urban environmental management: Waste management in the Accra Metropolitan Area. The Hague: NUFFIC, NIRP Research for Policy Series, Part 22. [pdf]
2001 (Editor with N. Obirih-Opareh) Toilets and sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR [pfd]
1999 (Editor with Els van Dongen)  Poep, cultuur en welbevinden [Shit, culture and well-being]. Special issue Medische Antropologie 11(1) [open access]
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) “Look under the sheets!” Fighting with the senses in relation to defecation and bodily care in hospitals and care institutions. Forthcoming in Medical Humanities.
2018 The belly open: Fieldwork, defecation and literature with a capital L. In: Pius Mosima (ed) A transcontinental career: Essays in honour of Wim van Binsbergen. Hoofddorp: Shikanda Press, pp. 51-60. [pdf]
2017 Dirt speaks. UCL Medical Anthropology blog post. [open access]
2016 Scatological children’s humour: Notes from the Netherlands and Anywhere. Etnofoor 28 (1): 127-140. [pdf]
2015 Hygiene and sanitation: Medical, social and psychological concerns. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) DOI:10.1503/cmaj.150588. [pdf]
2015 Ontmoeting in het toilet. #KijkJP 0, okt. 2015, pp. 16-17. [pdf]
2014 Pollution and purity. In: William C. Cockerham, Robert Dingwall & Stella R. Quah (eds) The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. John Wiley & Sons. DOI: 10.1002/9781118410868.wbehibs156 [pdf]
2014 Spinhuis, toilet en huiselijkheid. In Aya Musa (red) Spinhuisboek. Diemen: Uitgeverij AMB, pp. 144-149. [text]
2009 Children and dirt in Kwahu, Ghana: A social-anthropological perspective. In: R. Kutalek & A. Prinz (eds) Essays in medical anthropology. The Austrian Ethnomedical Society after thirty years. Wiener Ethnomedizinische Reihe Volume 6. Wien, Muenster: LIT Verlag, pp. 179-190. [pdf]
2008 (with N. Obirih-Opareh) Liquid waste management in urban and rural Ghana: privatisation as governance? In: Giorgio Blundo & Pierre-Yves Le Meur (eds) The governance of daily life. Ethnographic explorations of the delivery of public and collective services. Leiden :Brill, pp. 205-222. [pdf]
2008 Sociaal vuil en schoon: Antropologische opmerkingen bij incontinentie. Incourant 18 (1): 14-18.[pdf]
2008 Toilet als statussymbool? Internationale Samenwerking november 2008, pp. 16-17. [text]
2008 Sanitation. In: Darity, William A., Jr. (ed) International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. 7, 2nd edition.   Detroit: Macmillan Reference, pp. 321-323. [pdf]
2007 The social life of faeces: System in the dirt. In: R. van Ginkel & A. Strating (eds) Wildness and sensation: An anthropology of sinister and sensuous realms-. Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis, pp. 381-397. [pdf]
2007 Not knowing about defecation.  In: Roland Littlewood (ed) On knowing & not knowing in the anthropology of medicine. Oxford: Berg, pp. 75 –86.  [pdf]
2005 Hoe vies is ontlasting? Antropologische opmerkingen. In: A. Snijdewind (red) Als poepen niet gewoon gaat. Badhoevedorp: MensionTM, pp. 29-52. [text]
2004 (with N. Obirih-Opareh) Getting out of the shit: Toilet and the daily failure of governance in Ghana. In: G. Biundo (ed) The governance of daily life in Africa. APAD Bulletin No 23-24: 151-66. Münster: LIT Verlag. [pdf]
2003 Healthy bowel movements in Kwahu-Tafo: A brief note. Viennese Ethnomedicine Newsletter 5 (2): 3- 6. [pdf]
2002 The toilet: Dignity, privacy and care of elderly people in Kwahu, Ghana. In: S. Makoni & K. Stroeken (eds) Ageing in Africa: Sociolinguistic and anthropological approaches. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 227-44. [pdf]
2002 The night-soil collector: Bucket latrines in Ghana. Postcolonial Studies 5 (2): 197-206. [pdf]
2001 Toilets, privacy and perceptions of dirt in Kwahu-Tafo. In: S.van der Geest and N. Obirih-Opareh (eds) Toilets and Sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR , pp 5-11. [pdf]
2001 (with M. A. Odei) Introduction. In: S. van der Geest and N. Obirih-Opareh (eds) Toilets and Sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR, pp. 1-4. [pdf]
2000 Cultuur en lichaamszuivering. Gezonde stoelgang bij een bevolkingsgroep in Ghana. Kultuurleven 67 (2): 32-35. [pdf]
1999 Public toilets and privacy in Ghana. Ghana Study Council Newsletter 12: 6-8. [pdf]
1999 Poep, cultuur en welbevinden. Facta 7 (5): 24 [pdf]
1999 Poep en welbevinden in verpleging en verzorging. Tijdschrift voor Verpleegkundigen 109 (18): 552-553.[text] [pdf]
1999 Poep en ‘public health’. Medicus Tropicus 37 (4): 5.
1999 Het toilet van de oudere: Over respect, intimiteit en vuil in Ghana. Medische Antropologie 11 (1): 98-110. [pdf]
1999 A daily unpleasant experience. Daily Graphic July 24 1999, p. 17.
1999 (with Els van Dongen) Ten geleide: Poep, cultuur en welbevinden. Medische Antropologie 11(1): 1-6. [pdf]
1998 Poep en omstreken: Over scatologie, cultuur en welbevinden. Medische Antropologie 10 (1): 139-57. [pdf]
1998 De drol van Columbus: Over hergebruik van menselijke uitwerpselen in Afrika. Facta 6 (1): 24-26. [text] [pdf]
1998 Poep: Grote onbekende in de preventieve gezondheidszorg. Wemosscoop 20 (6): 8-9. [pdf]
1998 Een hygiënische paradox. Wetenschap, Cultuur & Samenleving 27 (6): 22-25. [pdf]
1998 Akan shit: Getting rid of dirt in Ghana. Anthropology Today 14 (3): 8-12. [pdf]
n.d. Feces and faces: Towards an anthropology of defecation. Unpublished manuscript.
n.d. Ontlasting, cultuur en gezondheid. Unpublished [text]

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