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2008 (editor with Cynthia L. Hunter & Bebbi Long) When the field is a ward or a clinic: Hospital ethnography. Special issue Anthropology & Medicine 15 (2).
2004 (editor with Kaja Finkler) Hospital ethnography. Special half issue Social Science & Medicine 59 (10). [contents]
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) “Look under the sheets!” Fighting with the senses in relation to defecation and bodily care in hospitals and care institutions. Forthcoming in Medical Humanities.
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) Brokers on the ward: Ward boys, cleaners, and gatemen in a Bangladeshi hospital. Asian Journal of Social Science 48 (2020): 92–114. doi:10.1163/15685314-04801006.
2015 Wisdom and counselling: A note on advising people with HIV/AIDS in Ghana. African Journal of AIDS Research (AJAR), DOI: 10.2989/16085906.2015.1055580.
2012 Comment on ‘Animating Biomedicine’s Moral Order: The Crisis of Practice in Malawian Medical Training’ by Claire Wendland. Current Anthropology 53 (6): 781-782. [pdf]
2009 Het onbenul van gezonde mensen. In: A. Oderwald, K. Neuvel & W. van Tilburg (red) Opname: Ziek tussen vier muren. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom. Pp. 117-132. [pdf]
2008 (with D. Long & C. Hunter) When the field is a hospital or a clinic: Hospital ethnography. Introduction. Anthropology & Medicine 15 (2): 71-78.  [pdf]
2005 ‘Sacraments’ in the hospital: Exploring the magic and religion of recovery. Anthropology & Medicine 12 (2): 135-50. [pdf]
2004 (with K. Finkler) Hospital ethnography: Introduction. Social Science & Medicine 59 (10): 1995-2001. [pdf]
2004 (with H. van Amstel) Doctors and retribution: The hospitalisation of compensation claims in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Social Science & Medicine 59 (10): 2087-94. [pdf]
2004 Magie tussen de monitoren. In: S. Knepper & J. Kortenray (red) De vreugdeloze wetenschap: Waarom nieuwe inzichten vaak weerstand wekken. Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, pp. 178-86. [text]
2002 Hospital care as liturgy: Reconsidering magic, science and religion. AM Revista della Società Itaiana di Antropologia Medicia 13-14: 243-58.
2001 In een Ghanees ziekenhuis. Kwalon 6 (1): 24-28. [pdf]
1999 Poep en welbevinden in verpleging en verzorging. Tijdschrift voor Verpleegkundigen 109 (18): 552-553.[text] [pdf]
1998 (with Samuel Sarkodie) The fake patient: A research experiment in Ghana. Social Science & Medicine 47 (9): 1373-81. [pdf]

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