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N.B.: All publications marked with * have appeared under the pseudonym of Wolf Bleek.


1975 Marriage, inheritance and witchcraft: a case study of a rural Ghanaian family. Leiden: African Studies Centre (Master Thesis, University of Ghana, 430 pp).* [out of print] [contents] [pdf]
2015 Bookreview of 'Witchcraft and a life in the new South Africa' (by Isak Niehaus). Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT) 2. [open access]
2009 Anyway!’. Lorry inscriptions in Ghana. In: J.-B. Gewald, S. Luning and K. van Walraven (eds.) The speed of change: Motor vehicles and people in Africa, 1890 – 2000. Leiden/Boston: Brill, pp. 253-293. [pdf]
2007 Life after dark in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana. Etnofoor 20(2): 23-39.[pdf]
2002 From wisdom to witchcraft: Ambivalence towards old age in rural Ghana. Africa 72 (3): 437-63. [pdf]
1998 Yebisa wo fie: Growing old and building a house in the Akan culture of Ghana. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 13 (4): 333-59. [pdf]
1992 "Tegen haat geen medicijn": Het lied van een melaatse in een Ghanees dorp. Etnofoor 5 (1/2): 146 64. [pdf]
1989 "Sunny Boy": Chauffeurs, auto’s en Highlife in Ghana. Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift 16 (1): 20 38. [pdf]
1977 Hekserij: idioom voor beschuldiging en verdachtmaking. Amsterdam Sociologisch Tijdschrift 4 (1):124-32.* [pdf]
1976 Witchcraft, gossip and death: a social drama. Man 12: 526-541.* [pdf]
n.d. Otan nni aduru: Envy, hatred and misfortune in Akan Highlife songs. Unpublished ms.

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