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2010 (editor with Anja Hiddinga, Jeannette Pols & Deanna Trakas) Care & health care. Special issue Medische Antropologie 22 (1). [open access]
2010 (with Fuusje de Graaff, Anneke L. Francke & Maria E.T.C. van den Muijsenbergh) Communicatie en besluitvorming in de palliatieve zorg voor Turkse en Marokkaanse patiënen met kanker. Amsterdam, Spinhuis, UvA. [pdf]
2017 (with Silvana Rugolotto & Alice Larotonda) How migrants keep Italian families Italian: Badanti and the private care of older people. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care 13 (2):185-197, [pdf]
2012 (with Fuusje M. de Graaff, Anneke L. Francke, Maria E.T.C. van den Muijsenbergh) Understanding and improving communication and decision-making in palliative care for Turkish and Moroccan immigrants: A multiperspective study. Ethnicity & Health 17(4):363-84. [pdf]
2012 (with Alexander de Graeff, Patrick Mistiaen, Fuusje de Graaf et al.) Palliatieve zorg voor mensen met een niet-westerse achtergrond: Een handreiking met adviezen. NTPZ – Nederlands-Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Palliatieve Zorg 12(2): 4-20. [pdf]
2011 (with Mistiaen, P. et al.) Handreiking: Palliatieve zorg aan mensen met niet-westerse achtergrond. Utrecht: Nivel. [pdf]
2010 (with F.M. de Graaff, A.L. Francke & M.E.T.C. van den Muijsenbergh) 'Palliative care': a contradiction in terms? A qualitative study of cancer patients with a Turkish or Moroccan background, their relatives and care providers. BMC Palliative Care 9:19 [open access]
2010 Introducing ‘Health and Health Care’. Medische Antropologie 22 (1): 1-6. [pdf]
2009 (with A. Kleinman) ‘Care’ in health care: Remaking the moral world of medicine. Medische Antropologie 21 (1): 159-168. [pdf]
2002 Respect and reciprocity: Care of elderly people in rural Ghana. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 17 (1): 3-31. [pdf]
2001 Mensvijandige cultuur. Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift 28 (1): 41-43. [text]
1995 Old people and funerals in a rural Ghanaian community: Ambiguities in family care. Southern African Journal of Gerontology 4 (2): 33-40. [pdf]

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