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2004 (with N. Obirih-Opareh et al.) The effects of decentralisation and privatisation on urban environmental management: Waste management in the Accra Metropolitan Area. The Hague: NUFFIC, NIRP Research for Policy Series, Part 22. [pdf]
2001 (Editor with N. Obirih-Opareh) Toilets and sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR [pfd]
1999 (Editor with Els van Dongen)  Poep, cultuur en welbevinden [Shit, culture and well-being]. Special issue Medische Antropologie 11(1) [link]
2021 Vies en walgelijk: De afstotelijke patiënt. In: Arko Oderwald et al. (red.) Anatomie van de patiënt. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom, pp. 155-162. [pdf]
2020 (with Andrea Kuckert-Wöstheinrich) Kultur-adäquate und Person-zentrierte Pflege: Zum Beispiel: das große Geschäft. Praxis Pflegen 41: 14-17. [pdf]
2020 (with Shahaduz Zaman) “Look under the sheets!” Fighting with the senses in relation to defecation and bodily care in hospitals and care institutions. Medical Humanities. doi:10.1136/medhum-2019-011766. [pdf]
2018 The belly open: Fieldwork, defecation and literature with a capital L. In: Pius Mosima (ed) A transcontinental career: Essays in honour of Wim van Binsbergen. Hoofddorp: Shikanda Press, pp. 51-60. [pdf]
2017 Dirt speaks. UCL Medical Anthropology blog post. [open access]
2016 Scatological children’s humour: Notes from the Netherlands and Anywhere. Etnofoor 28 (1): 127-140. [pdf]
2015 Hygiene and sanitation: Medical, social and psychological concerns. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) DOI:10.1503/cmaj.150588. [pdf]
2015 Ontmoeting in het toilet. #KijkJP 0, okt. 2015, pp. 16-17. [pdf]
2014 Pollution and purity. In: William C. Cockerham, Robert Dingwall & Stella R. Quah (eds) The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. John Wiley & Sons. DOI: 10.1002/9781118410868.wbehibs156 [pdf]
2014 Spinhuis, toilet en huiselijkheid. In Aya Musa (red) Spinhuisboek. Diemen: Uitgeverij AMB, pp. 144-149. [text]
2011 Bookreview of: Roman toilets: Their archaeology and cultural history. (Gemma C.M. Jansen, Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow & Eric M. Moormann, eds) Medische Antropologie 23 (2): 369-370. [pdf]
2009 Children and dirt in Kwahu, Ghana: A social-anthropological perspective. In: R. Kutalek & A. Prinz (eds) Essays in medical anthropology. The Austrian Ethnomedical Society after thirty years. Wiener Ethnomedizinische Reihe Volume 6. Wien, Muenster: LIT Verlag, pp. 179-190. [pdf]
2008 (with N. Obirih-Opareh) Liquid waste management in urban and rural Ghana: privatisation as governance? In: Giorgio Blundo & Pierre-Yves Le Meur (eds) The governance of daily life. Ethnographic explorations of the delivery of public and collective services. Leiden :Brill, pp. 205-222. [pdf]
2008 Sociaal vuil en schoon: Antropologische opmerkingen bij incontinentie. Incourant 18 (1): 14-18.[pdf]
2008 Toilet als statussymbool? Internationale Samenwerking november 2008, pp. 16-17. [text]
2008 Sanitation. In: Darity, William A., Jr. (ed) International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. 7, 2nd edition.   Detroit: Macmillan Reference, pp. 321-323. [pdf]
2007 The social life of faeces: System in the dirt. In: R. van Ginkel & A. Strating (eds) Wildness and sensation: An anthropology of sinister and sensuous realms-. Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis, pp. 381-397. [pdf]
2007 Not knowing about defecation.  In: Roland Littlewood (ed) On knowing & not knowing in the anthropology of medicine. Oxford: Berg, pp. 75 –86.  [pdf]
2005 Hoe vies is ontlasting? Antropologische opmerkingen. In: A. Snijdewind (red) Als poepen niet gewoon gaat. Badhoevedorp: MensionTM, pp. 29-52. [text]
2004 (with N. Obirih-Opareh) Getting out of the shit: Toilet and the daily failure of governance in Ghana. In: G. Biundo (ed) The governance of daily life in Africa. APAD Bulletin No 23-24: 151-66. Münster: LIT Verlag. [pdf]
2003 Healthy bowel movements in Kwahu-Tafo: A brief note. Viennese Ethnomedicine Newsletter 5 (2): 3- 6. [pdf]
2002 The toilet: Dignity, privacy and care of elderly people in Kwahu, Ghana. In: S. Makoni & K. Stroeken (eds) Ageing in Africa: Sociolinguistic and anthropological approaches. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 227-44. [pdf]
2002 The night-soil collector: Bucket latrines in Ghana. Postcolonial Studies 5 (2): 197-206. [pdf]
2001 Toilets, privacy and perceptions of dirt in Kwahu-Tafo. In: S.van der Geest and N. Obirih-Opareh (eds) Toilets and Sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR , pp 5-11. [pdf]
2001 (with M. A. Odei) Introduction. In: S. van der Geest and N. Obirih-Opareh (eds) Toilets and Sanitation in Ghana: An urgent matter. Accra: Institute of Scientific and Technological Institute (INSTI), CSIR, pp. 1-4. [pdf]
2000 Cultuur en lichaamszuivering. Gezonde stoelgang bij een bevolkingsgroep in Ghana. Kultuurleven 67 (2): 32-35. [pdf]
1999 Public toilets and privacy in Ghana. Ghana Study Council Newsletter 12: 6-8. [pdf]
1999 Poep, cultuur en welbevinden. Facta 7 (5): 24 [pdf]
1999 Poep en welbevinden in verpleging en verzorging. Tijdschrift voor Verpleegkundigen 109 (18): 552-553.[text] [pdf]
1999 Poep en ‘public health’. Medicus Tropicus 37 (4): 5.
1999 Het toilet van de oudere: Over respect, intimiteit en vuil in Ghana. Medische Antropologie 11 (1): 98-110. [pdf]
1999 A daily unpleasant experience. Daily Graphic July 24 1999, p. 17.
1999 (with Els van Dongen) Ten geleide: Poep, cultuur en welbevinden. Medische Antropologie 11(1): 1-6. [pdf]
1998 Poep en omstreken: Over scatologie, cultuur en welbevinden. Medische Antropologie 10 (1): 139-57. [pdf]
1998 De drol van Columbus: Over hergebruik van menselijke uitwerpselen in Afrika. Facta 6 (1): 24-26. [text] [pdf]
1998 Poep: Grote onbekende in de preventieve gezondheidszorg. Wemosscoop 20 (6): 8-9. [pdf]
1998 Een hygiënische paradox. Wetenschap, Cultuur & Samenleving 27 (6): 22-25. [pdf]
1998 Akan shit: Getting rid of dirt in Ghana. Anthropology Today 14 (3): 8-12. [pdf]
n.d. Feces and faces: Towards an anthropology of defecation. Unpublished manuscript.
n.d. Ontlasting, cultuur en gezondheid. Unpublished [text]

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