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N.B.: Publications marked with * have appeared under the pseudonym of Wolf Bleek.

Doctoral thesis

1976 Sexual relationships and birthcontrol in Ghana: A case study of a rural town. Amsterdam: Antropologisch Sociologisch Centrum (350 pp).* [pdf]
2014 (with Papreen Nahar) How women in Bangladesh confront the stigma of childlessness: Agency, resilience, and resistance. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 28 (3): 381-398. [pdf]
2013 (with Papreen Nahar) Understanding life through unwanted childlessness: Ethnography and fiction from Ghana, Bangladesh and ‘Dystopia’. Anthropology Today 29 (3): 3-7. [pdf]
2012 Geen nieuw leven. De toekomst op slot en een verleden zonder betekenis. In: Arko Oderwald et al. (red) Nieuw leven: Geboorte in fictie. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom, pp. 157-167. [pdf]
2008 De eenzaamheid van zien en niet gezien worden. Voyeurisme bij Louis Paul Boon. In: A. Oderwald et al. Aan de ketting: Verslaving verbeeld. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom, pp. 291-297. [pdf]
2007 De verlangens van een oude man. In: A. Oderwald et al. (red) Schrijven tegen de tijd: Over de kunst van het ouder worden. Utrecht: De Tijdstroom, pp. 109-118. [pdf]

“It is a tiresome work.” Love and sex in the life of an elderly Kwahu woman. In C. Oppong , Y.P.A Oppong & I.K. Odotey (eds) Sex and gender in an era of AIDS: Ghana at the turn of the Millennium. Accra: Sub Saharan Publishers, pp. 211-232. [pdf]

2004 (with S.A. Chowdhury) Migration and safe childbirth: Perceptions of Ghanaian women in the Netherlands. Cultuur Migratie Gezondheid 3 (4): 14-25. [pdf]
2002 “No strength”: Sex and old age in a rural town in Ghana. In: Donna Lind Infeld (ed) Anthropology of Aging: Disciplinary Approaches to Aging. Volume 4: Developments in Anthropology. Londen: Routledge, pp. xxx. (reprint of 2001)
2001 Comment on: R.J. Priest “Missionary positions: Christian, modernist, postmodernist”. Current Anthropology 42 (1): 58. [text]
2001 “No strength”: Sex and old age in a rural town in Ghana. Social Science & Medicine 53 (10): 1383-96. [pdf]
1998 Participant observation in demographic research: Fieldwork experiences in a Ghanaian community. In: A.M. Basu & P. Aaby (eds) The methods and uses of anthropological demography. Liège: IUSSP, pp. 39-56. [pdf]
1991 Reproduktieve manipulatie: de Nuer en wij. In: M.A. Thung (red) Blijven wij grenzen verleggen? Een grondvraag van onze technologische cultuur. ‘s Gravenhage: Uitgeverij Boekencentrum, pp. 75-8. [text]
1990 Did the Akan resort to abortion in pre-colonial Ghana? Some conjectures. Africa 60 (1): 121-31. * [pdf]
1989 Letter to the Editor: Adolescent pregnancies in (sub-Saharan) Africa. Social Science & Medicine 29 (7): 901. [pdf]
1987 Family Planning and the family in Southern Ghana. In: C. Oppong (ed) Sex roles, population and development in West Africa: policy related studies on work and demographic issues. London: Currey. pp. 138-53. * [pdf]
1987 Lying informants: A fieldwork experience from Ghana. Population & Development Review 13(2): 314-22. * [pdf]
1987 Living place/loving place: remembering Kwahu.Ghana Newsletter 26/27:23-5. [pdf]
1986 (with N.K. Asante Darko) Illegal abortion in Southern Ghana: Methods, motives and consequences. Human Organization 45 (4): 333-44.* [pdf]
1984 "Family planning" in de derde wereld. Goed gepland? Medisch Contact 39 (32):1015-6. [pdf]
1983 L'Aborto procurato nel Ghana. In:Vera Segre & Nella Gridelli Velicogna (eds) Aspetti socio-giuridici del family planning in alcuni paesi europei ed extraeuropei. Milano: Giuffrè, pp. 6772. (translated from 1978) *
1982 (with C. Oppong) Economic models and having children: Some evidence from Kwahu, Ghana. Africa 52 (4): 15-33. * [pdf]
1981 The unexpected repression: How family planning discriminates against women in Ghana. Review of Ethnology (Vienna) 7/25:193-8 *
1981 Avoiding shame: The ethical context of abortion in Ghana. Anthropological Quarterly 54 (4):203-9 * [pdf]
1978 Induced abortion in a Ghanaian family. African Studies Review 21:103-20. * [pdf]
1978 The value of children to parents in Kwahu, Ghana. In: C. Oppong et al. (eds) Marriage, fertility and parenthood in West Africa. Canberra: Australian National University Press, pp. 307-23. * [pdf]
1977 Family planning or birthcontrol: the Ghanaian contradiction. Cultures et Développement 9: 64-81. * [pdf]
1976 Spacing of children, sexual abstinence and breast feeding in rural Ghana. Social Science & Medicine 10: 225-30. * [pdf]
1974 Perception and practice of birthcontrol in a Kwahu matrilineage. In: D.G. Jongmans & H.J.M. Claessen (eds) The neglected factor. Family planning: perception and reaction at the base. Assen: van Gorcum, pp. 138-61.* [pdf]

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